TU welcomes innovative sponsor FlyAssortments.com

Tue, 02/03/2015

Feb. 3, 2015




Joel R. Johnson, Trout Unlimited (646) 573-6410, jjohnson@tu.org

Wayne Richey, FlyAssortments.com 360-841-8351, wayne@flyassortments.com



TU welcomes innovative sponsor FlyAssortments.com 

Online company supporting important campaigns with fly tackle assortments


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Trout Unlimited today welcomed FlyAssortments.com as its newest corporate partner, opening the door for significant benefits for TU members who love fly fishing and providing key support for a number of TU campaigns. 


“We’re thrilled to have FlyAssortments.com as a new corporate partner,” said Joel R. Johnson, TU’s chief marketing officer. “Not only does this give our members a cool new way to buy flies at a great discount as a membership benefit, but the company is pledging support for several important conservation efforts.”


Some of the campaigns FlyAssortments.com will support include TU’s new Wild Steelhead Initiative and TU’s Veterans Services Partnership. Additionally, FlyAssortments.com will help with TU’s citizen science effort TroutBlitz. The latter will include prizes and contests for anglers who photograph and log their catches online, providing important data for TU’s Science Team in the effort to catalog wild and native trout populations all across America. Members and FlyAssortments.com customers will have the opportunity to purchase unique assortments of flies specially designed and tied for a variety of fly fishing waters and styles.


“We’re long-time supporters of TU, but this sponsorship is our largest and most unique commitment,” said Wayne Richey of FlyAssortments.com. “We hope that having access to our assortments of flies at a discount encourages TU members to get out and fish more and enjoy their passion for trout and salmon. We believe in the work TU does to make fishing better all over the country, and we want to be a part of it.”


Thanks to this new partnership, TU will be able to conduct more contests and promotions, using FlyAssortments.com products as prizes and incentives for members and non-members alike to participate in TU conservation efforts.


“This gives us more creative opportunities to engage members and other anglers through social media by offering specially designed assortments for things like photo contests or membership promotions,” Johnson said. “And, this relationship makes a TU membership even more valuable than it already is.”


Trout Unlimited is the nation’s oldest and largest coldwater fisheries conservation organization, boasting more than 150,000 members from coast to coast. Follow TU on Facebook and Twitter, and keep up with all of our work by reading our blog. 


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