Everglades National Park - Flamingo

Tip of the week 

Look for dark bottom areas. Those areas will hold heat in the water on colder days.

Seven-day forecast 

We have a front coming through today, but it looks like it will stay on the warmer side.


It is finally starting to warm back up in the Everglades which is making the fish extremely active again. Over the last few weeks water temps have dropped into the low 50s, which is really low for South Florida. The good thing is it has warmed up and I haven't seen any dead fish in Everglades National Park like we did in 2010.

The winter time snook fishing has been by far the best fishing we have had. Lots of little fish with some bigger ones mixed in. Most were caught on flies and plugs. The baby tarpon are still around and have been pretty active lately as well.

The water levels have dropped significantly due to the consecutive days with 20+ knot winds. That means the snook and bass fishing should really get turned on. We had a great day catching over 40 Bass on the freshwater side of the Everglades.

The big tarpon have showed up with water temps back into the 70s, but we just need the wind to lay down!

Must Have Flies 
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Jason Sullivan

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