February Membership Meeting

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Thursday, February 4th, 2021 - 7:00pm to Thursday, February 4th, 2021 - 8:30pm

Ah, COVID-19, how we disparage you!

But ... for TU Chapters in the winter, all this remoteness is a blessing.

On Thursday, February 4 at 7PM Greater Upper Valley TU will take us to Iceland to fish with Arni Baldursson, possibly the father of modern angling in Iceland.

Some time in the mid-'nineties Arni negotiated beat leases for most of the good fishing rivers in his tiny island nation, and founded Lax-a Angling Club The primary focus was Atlantic Salmon that run up the rivers from the sea. Big fish with unique attitude and beauty.

Since then Arni's enterprise has gone international, and includes hunting expeditions as well. But on February 4 he will show us the three favorite Icelandic and Greenland game fish - Salmon (of course!), Lake Trout and Arctic Char. As beautiful and exciting as the fishing (I can attest on both counts) is the jaw-dropping awesomeness of the Icelandic landscape. And ... be forewarned ... Arni is a character! Hopefully we will also get to meet some of his guides and his daughter Vala who helps run the company. Email guvtupres@gmail.com for the ZOOM link.


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