The Trout Line Newsletter - December 16, 2019


December 16, 2019


Welcome to The Trout Line Newsletter! This is our Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter newsletter that will be coming out twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.



Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ron Reinebach, one of our board members and his family because Ron's wife Sandy passed away on November 22 after a long battle with cancer.  She was a wonderful woman who could keep Ron in line and really loved her children and grandchildren.



West Linn's Bolton Primary School

Board member Peter Gray made a PowerPoint presented on the Christmas for Coho program to 66 third graders at West Lynn's Bolton Primary School. The third graders are studying the life cycle of salmon as part of the Oregon curriculum on conservation and habituate restoration. They will help us by making posters to advertise C4C, donating their trees and telling all of their friends and family about C4C. Another presentation was made to the Oregon City Girl Scout troop. The girls are working on their Animal Habitat badge and the first activity will be to the C4C program.



Fly of the Month - Soft Hackle

Written by Mike Gentry
This month's fly is another one of those "what is it?" patterns - the common view is that it approximates any number of pre-emergent mayfly and even caddis forms.  Every fly fisherman will find opportunities to use this fly in a variety of stream and river settings.

Hook:        Tiemco 100, sizes 10-16
Thread:     8/0, color to match body
Body:  Yellow, orange or tan thread or floss
Ribbing:  Pearl flashibou strand
Thorax:  Ultrafine tan dubbing
Hackle:  Grouse or partridge feather

1. Start the thread just behind the eye, capture the end of the flashibou strand with several loops of thread, and wind the thread over the strand in one layer, no gaps between winds, back to the start of the hook bend.  The idea is to create a smooth "underbody" of single-wrap thread (with the ribbing strand sticking out the rear of the hook) over which to build the thin body.

2. If using floss for the body (the same color as the thread), tie in the floss at the start of the hook bend, wind the tying thread forward to just behind the eye, and wind the floss in a thin layer (that is, not several wraps of floss over one another or overlapping as would be true of a tapered body) to just behind the eye, tie off and trim.  If using a thread body, wind the thread in a "second layer" (no gaps between turns) to just behind the eye.

3.  Reverse wind the flashibou ribbing strand forward over the body five or six turns to just behind the eye, tie off and trim.

4.  Make a small dubbing loop with a loop of thread, insert a very small amount of dubbing, and after twisting the loop to make a little "dubbing yarn", make one or perhaps two turns just behind the eye to create only the hint of a thorax.  Tie off and trim.

5.  Select a grouse or partridge feather with splines as long as the body of the fly.  Tie in the butt end (shiny side forward) just ahead of the thorax, and make two turns.  Tie off, clip and build a head with thread.


Meetings Location and Dates

Regular chapter meetings are held at the Lucky Labrador Public House 7675 SW Capitol Hwy. Portland, OR 97219 (503) 244-2537.  Food and beverage are available.  Social get together starts at 6:30 pm and the formal meeting starts at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted in the newsletter or website.

January Meeting - Jan 8, 2019  - Jeff Morgan - Winter Fly Fishing for Trout

Jeff's program will be about how winter flyfishing differs significantly in terms of ecology and presentation from "normal season" (March-October) fishing. It is not simply a function of fishing different flies, it requires an entirely different approach to the fishing experience. We will cover both streams and still waters, with a specific focus on Oregon Cascade and Willamette Valley fisheries.



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