Letter From Chapter President The year 2020....I like it already!


Letter From Chapter President

The year 2020....I like it already!


The sound rolls off the tongue, it's easy to remember and best of all we are out of the "teens". Yes, the teen years are the most difficult whether human or calendar years. As a teenager the years are fraught with angst and unsurety of what the future will bring. Not so much different for a time period in a century either. Now we are in the twenties a time of maturity and most of all a sense of adventure and hope of what will come.


Our GSM TU chapter is not different in that regard, some members may remember that not so many years ago the chapter was on life support. It is because of our members then and now that we never lost the faith and have remained an active and continuously running chapter longer then any Trout Unlimited chapter in the State of Tennessee. I think about that every time I write Chapter #47 in the mast head of the newsletter. That #47 represents that the Great Smoky Mountain chapter has a long and storied history in the Trout Unlimited bloodline now encompassing over 400 chapters nationwide. We were there in the early years and are still here today. It is something to be proud of and to be a part of because of what our past and present chapter members accomplished here in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Get your sunglasses out...with your help the future looks bright!


It is time for one of the biggest nights of the year as we kick off the New Year with the "IRON MAN FLY CONTEST 2020" on Thursday January 23rd 2020. Returning for the 5th year this evening of laughter and good times is unlike any competition of it's kind and all in the name of a good cause. "Tying for a Reason" is more than a slogan but a GSM TU chapter mission to make sure a deserving girl or boy has a chance to spend a week in the most beautiful park in the world, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.


This year we have more prizes then ever to award to the winners thanks to our sponsors. I am especially proud that besides our usual cast of loyal supporters Temple Fork Rods has helped make it possible for us to give away many rods and reels this year. Do not miss Thursday January 23rd 2020 at our host sponsor Dead End BBQ for "IRON MAN FLY CONTEST 2020"!


2020 is already shaping up with guest speakers and presentations we have never had before. Ahead is the Southeast TU Regional meeting just across the mountains in Hendersonville, N.C. in April and a project to be announced at a later date. I challenge you to be a part of the upcoming Great Smoky Mountain TU chapter events this year as we move forward in 2020!


In closing, please follow us on the GSM TU Facebook page and chapter website. The Great Smoky Mountain TU Facebook page is the best way to stay up to date with the latest current chapter information or last minute changes.


GSM TU Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/GreatSmokyMountainTU/


John Reinhardt



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