Cowboy Cauldrons Company – Fire, Improved

Everyone knows and loves the connections that are formed around an open fire. That part of human nature goes way back to our beginnings, and we celebrate it every time we gather around a campfire. The celebration really takes off in the art and science of cooking over an open fire – from hot dogs and s’mores to gourmet options. But there’s less to celebrate when the smoke gets your eyes or your efforts at the perfect cowboy steak turn to cinders.


Enter the Cowboy Cauldron, and our newest TU Business member Mike Bertelsen. Mike and the folks at Cowboy Cauldron Company in Salt Lake City, UT wanted to do more than make a fire pit. They wanted to change lives by making the most beautiful, best-designed, longest lasting and most functional fire pit and grill ever right here in America. Period. They wanted to produce a product that would bring people together for moments of meaningful interaction today and for generations to come.


These cauldrons change things. They change the way you use your yard. They change the way you entertain. They change your attitude. They’re about fun, creativity and style. You can sit back and enjoy the fire. Because that fire is now elevated, the smoke passes over your head. You can cook over that same fire. (More on that in a moment.)What you do with a Cowboy Cauldron is up to you. Their clean, timeless lines compliment stark modern architecture as well as rustic log homes, and everything in between.


But cooking over that fire is the best part. Cooking with fire is literally older than our species. Our very digestives systems evolved for what fire does to food – even if you’re a vegetarian! A backyard grill does a great job. We all love grilling. But when the grill hood goes down, the fund pretty much stops. With a Cowboy Cauldron, the party stays right where you are. You can go from burgers and brats or grilled asparagus to the very outermost limits of the culinary stratosphere, if you like. These cauldrons are enablers. They give you the means to indulge yourself, your family and friends in cooking on real fire, no matter where you live, in a clean, safe and efficient package. Every Cauldron comes with a removable, two-piece charcoal grate, so you don’t have to use a real live wood fire if you don’t want to do so. But you should. Most definitely, you should.


Cowboy Cauldrons – real fire, real life and really, really cool. Part of the TU Team.


Cowboy Cauldron Company

Mike Bertelsen

Salt Lake City, UT 84103

(801) 918-4490


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